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Mobile App Development Services

At Code Vastu IT Solutions, we develop both Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications. We develop Native Android Apps, Native iOS Apps, React Native Apps and Flutter Apps. We ensure that your custom mobile app meets all the requirements we’ve agreed on, and we’ll help you add new features to your app once we launch it.

Give wings to your business ideas with a cost-effective and smooth development process using the versatile Flutter framework. Being an early adopter of the technology, our team leverages features like hot reload, expressive UI, promising features, single code base, amazing widgets, and rich motion APIs to craft the finest natively-compiled apps in an accelerated time frame. Free & open-source, faster design & development, better resource utilization, quick testing, less maintenance complexity are a few factors that make Flutter an excellent low-cost app development solutions.

Android Application Development

The demand for Android Applications is growing each and every day since it offers a smart way to be associated with your online business 24×7. Android apps help to engage customers with your products and services. They allow to connect and engage with the audience in real-time and develop strong bonding with the brand. Apps offer more personalization than mobile websites. Their ability to work offline can save user's time and data.

We at Code Vastu IT Solutions has a team of skilled Android UX/UI designers, developers and mobile strategists who provide high-quality Android development services. We develop innovative, scalable and interactive Android Applications based on your requirements.

IOS Application Development

iOS Application Development is a multi-layer process right from choosing the right design platform, programming language and finally a user-friendly native app. The prerequisite being the developers must have the expertise to operate in Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) and write code using either Swift or Objective-C programming language. In addition, they must have a good understanding of the basic abstraction layers that define iOS architecture and also how the app’s files are bundled.

Flutter Mobile Application Development

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development SDK for building apps for both Android & iOS operating systems. Flutter makes cross-platform mobile app development easier than ever before and has generated a lot of hype among developers and businesses alike.

Complete with a rich widget, framework, and tools, Flutter allows developers to create stunning apps for iOS and Android platform, quickly. The key advantages of flutter app development are; it makes the development process fast, reduces the overall development cost as well as ease developers in cross-platform app development.

React Native Mobile Application Development

React Native is an innovative technology developed by Facebook with which we can build apps using only Javascript. React JS has gained massive popularity, being adopted by some of the biggest names including Netflix, Airbnb, Imgur, and Bleacher.

React Native is the first hybrid app technology that performs exactly like that of Native Apps. React Native copes up with Android & iOS with the same UI features and performance but in less time with half cost. React Native is a JavaScript framework which provides rich mobile User Interface from Declarative components. It is one of the fastest growing programming languages and popularly adopted by developers all across the globe.

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive web apps are regular web applications designed to appear like native apps that convey combined mobile experience and compatibility with standard web browsers.

Despite being technically different from the native app, they deliver the same natural flow, excellent visual content, and 100% immersive experiences like native apps, if not more. They use modern web technology to provide app-like experiences within browsers, so your users can access them without downloading a mobile app.

No more Janky scrolling and say goodbye to the dancing poor network dinosaurs with app solutions that would load instantly and drive memorable experiences to your users. We provide custom PWA development services to our clients.

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